The Next Steps Summit

A free virtual event for therapists seeking a solution to burnout

Dates: May 3 to 5, 2024

Learn conscious, cutting-edge techniques from top experts on how to revitalize your health, reignite your compassion, and repair your relationships.

Busy Therapists:

From family and financial worries, to anxiety and fatigue: Is there a way forward?

Therapist Burnout is no joke. Learn cutting edge techniques from top experts on how to reclaim your life.

This exclusive summit is more than an event; it’s a pivotal moment for therapists and other professional caregivers who are ready to explore the forefront of consciousness, wellness, creative expression, quantum development, and energy medicine & management.

Sound familiar?

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May 3-5, 2024


Anywhere - this event is 100% virtual

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62% of therapists are experiencing burnout. Here's why you should attend:

Revitalize Your Life & practice with Conscious Wellness

Dive into consciousness and wellness to rejuvenate both your personal well-being and professional practice, transforming your daily routine, home life, and therapeutic approach.

Unlock Your Potential Through Quantum Development
Learn how creative expression and quantum development can unlock new personal and professional pathways, guiding you through burnout with innovative strategies.

Master Energy Management for deep burnout recovery

Explore energy medicine techniques to manage and protect your energy, combating stress and enhancing resilience in both your personal life and practice.

Being able to finally breathe

Imagine waking up rejuvenated, free from the crushing weight of burnout. No more stress, no more anxiety – just an energetic lightness to your day that feels calm and peaceful.

Reconnecting with your loved ones

Whether it’s your kids, spouse, or friends, we know your relationships are strained from the stress of your practice. Imagine having the time and space to truly be present, repair any damage, and move forward together.

A Renewed Passion for life & work

Imagine returning to your practice with a renewed sense of excitement to support your clients. And how amazing would it be to reignite your own dreams and personal passions? We’ll help you get there! 

What you'll learn:

Our Speakers

Learn from 12+ industry experts who want to help you evolve beyond therapist burnout

Watch speaker interviews on demand 24/7 for the duration of the summit!

Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme


dive into the mysteries of the cosmos and explore how these new perspectives can reshape our understanding of life and existence

Dr. Paul Mills

Integrating Self for Holistic Healing

keys to personal growth and discover transformative practices that align your mind, body, and spirit

Sabrina Santa Clara

Beyond Boundaries

Revolutionary Blend of Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Ashanna Solaris
Dana Dharmi Devi

Breathe the World Awake

How to dissolve the imagine sense of separation and get connected again with Live Flute Meditation

Dr. Stephanie Mines

Touch & Talk

Harnessing the TARA Method to Transform Trauma into Triumph

Rosalyn Rourke M.S.W

Beyond the Surface

Embracing the Emotional Breakthroughs of Conscious Dissociation

Dr. Aruna Tummala

Total Harmony

Integrating Mind, Body, & Spirit for Ultimate Wellness Transformation

Dr. Brian Luke Seaward

Energizing Harmony

Uniting Bioenergetic Medicine and Holistic Wellness for Effective Stress Management

Dr. Stephen Sideroff

Unlocking the Secrets to Lifelong Resilience

Explore The 9 Pillars That Will Transform Your Stress and Vitality

Dr. Mara Karpel

Rewriting Golden Years

Guide to Joy, Resilience, and Vitality for Aging Adults and Caregivers

Tim Keim

Ayurveda’s Path to Wellness

Experience the power of ancient Ayurvedic practices for modern health and vitality

Dr. Robert Lufkin

Best-Selling Secrets of Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent and Reverse Disease

Learn the life-changing habits that have helped thousands improve their health and overcome chronic conditions.

Nancy Linneroth

Breakthrough Blocks

Unlocking Personal Power with Nancy's Revolutionary Tapping Techniques

Grieg de la Houssaye

Embracing the Energy

Explore groundbreaking insights into unlocking the body's natural healing power

Dr. Cary Goulston

Global Healing Choices

Global Blueprint for Overcoming Stress and Resolving Family Conflicts

Mystery Interviewer

Surprise Guest Interview

and more

Reset your life, practice, and body with these additional practices

About your host

Alistair M. Hawkes

MA LPC | Therapist Burnout specialist

Alistair M. Hawkes is a licensed psychotherapist and an educator for humanity’s evolution. She specializes in guiding therapists through burnout to find peace and balance.

After the toll of her practice meant she missed the warning signs her daughter was struggling, she’s been dedicated to helping fellow therapists and other caregivers lower anxiety, take off stress, and feel alive again – all while helping them stay in their profession. 

She can’t wait to see you at The Next Steps Summit!

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What is The Next Steps Summit?

The Next Step Summit is a virtual event designed to address therapist burnout, offering a range of sessions focused on cutting-edge techniques, wellness practices, and innovative strategies for personal and professional rejuvenation.

While the summit is tailored for therapists experiencing burnout, the principles and strategies discussed are also highly beneficial for other professionals, caregivers, and anyone seeking to improve their wellness and work-life balance.

Simply click here to register, choose your ticket type (Free or VIP for additional benefits), and fill out the necessary information. You’ll receive a confirmation email with details on how to access the summit.

All summit sessions are pre-recorded by our expert speakers, allowing you to access them at your convenience throughout the duration of the summit.
The free ticket provides unlimited 24/7 access to all pre-recorded expert speaker sessions for the duration of the summit and the opportunity to learn invaluable strategies for overcoming burnout and enhancing your practice and life.
The VIP upgrade includes lifetime access to all interviews, exclusive masterclasses, daily mini practices for wellness, and much more, designed to support your journey to recovery and growth beyond the summit.
Free ticket holders have access to the summit materials for the duration of the event. VIP ticket holders enjoy lifetime access to all content, including exclusive bonus materials.
Absolutely! The strategies, insights, and practices shared are universally applicable, offering value to anyone interested in overcoming burnout, enhancing well-being, and achieving a balanced, fulfilling life.

Imagine feeling peace every day.

You can overcome therapist burnout without quitting your practice. Learn from top experts, limited time only.

Dates: May 3 to 5, 2024

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