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"Conscious Dissociation helps us have space from emotional upheaval and brings us back to a state of calm presence."


Rosalyn Rourke M.S.W

Beyond the Surface

Embracing the Emotional Breakthroughs of Conscious Dissociation

What you'll learn:

About Rosalyn Rourke M.S.W

“Best-selling author Rosalyn Rourke, MSW, has worked deeply in the field of mental health and trauma therapy as a psychotherapist. With a Master’s degree from Smith College School for Social Work in 1973, she embarked on a distinguished career that included supervisory roles at Yale Facilities, specializing in psychiatry. Her expertise further expanded as she immersed herself in trauma work, particularly Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR), a highly effective PTSD treatment. In 1995, she pursued advanced training in eating disorders, focusing on binge eating and body dysmorphia. Rosalyn continues to inspire and empower individuals on their path to self-discovery and freedom, as a Oneness Coach.

For an easy read and a deepening of Rosalyn’s teachings, check out her Best Selling book here.

Rosalyn is excited to be part of an anthology called: “Become Empowered: Echoes of Grace and Strength; Real Stories of Women’s Transformation and Triumph.” My chapter  is called: “Quantum Belonging: Embracing Life Beyond Limitations.”  The book  comes out in late April of 2024 on Amazon. It is an anthology of powerhouse stories, you will not want to miss. The lead author is  Sabine Kvenberg with 12 contributing women, including Rosalyn! “

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"Humanity is building a harmonious collective super organism."

Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme

Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme


Dive Into the Mysteries of the Cosmos and Explore How These New Perspectives Can Reshape Our Understanding of Life and Existence

What you'll learn:

About Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme

Brian Swimme is Director of the Center for the Story of the Universe and a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oregon in 1978 for work in gravitational dynamics.

Dr. Swimme is the author of The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos and The Universe is a Green Dragon. He is co-author of The Universe Story, which is the result of a ten year collaboration with cultural historian, Thomas Berry. Dr. Swimme is also the creator of three educational video series: Canticle to the Cosmos, The Earth’s Imagination, and The Powers of the Universe. Most recently he co-wrote and hosted the 60 minute film Journey of the Universe, broadcast on PBS television stations nationwide.

He lectures widely and has presented at conferences sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, The World Bank, UNESCO, The United Nations Millennium Peace Summit, and the American Museum of Natural History.

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Cosmogenesis: An Unveiling of the Expanding Universe

"Breathwork helps us come home to ourselves and have clarity about our path forward."


Ashanna Solaris & Dana Dharmi Devi

Breathe the World Awake

How to Dissolve the Imagine Sense of Separation and Get Connected Again With Live Flute Meditation

What you'll learn:

About Ashanna Solaris & Dana Dharmi Devi

Dana Dharma Devi & Ashanna Solaris are pioneers & founders of the incredible healing practice of Clarity Breathwork which has shifted thousands of lives around the planet.

They’ve been sharing breathwork and other healing modalities for over 70 years combined and have pioneered their own process called Clarity Breathwork ~ a gentle, compassionate approach to breathing, healing, and embodiment.

They combine their many years of experience and gifts together in a beautiful way that touches, empowers and awakens their students. Including Dana’s sacred music and kirtan and Ashanna’s Light Body meditations, dance & movement processes.

They have created an incredible body of work that has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and have miraculous breakthroughs. Find out more at

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"Taking responsibility for our own wellness by looking at the research and sharing with our physicians is one way we can demonstrate this responsibility."


Dr. Robert Lufkin

Best-Selling Secrets of Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent and Reverse Disease

Learn the Life-Changing Habits That Have Helped Thousands Improve Their Health and Overcome Chronic Conditions

What you'll learn:

About Dr. Robert Lufkin

Physician/medical school professor (UCLA and USC) focusing on the applied science of health, longevity, and consciousness. After reversing chronic disease and transforming his life he is making it his mission to help others do the same.
Helping to reimagine the conventional healthcare model with evidence-based lifestyle modifications and other tools.

Now with over 300,000 followers on social media.

In addition to being a practicing physician, he is author of over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers and 14 books that are available in six languages.

Robert has given invited lectures/keynotes around the world, and was named one of the ‘100 Most Creative People in Los Angeles’ by Buzz Magazine. His latest book “Lies I Taught In Medical School” has just been released.

His honors include serving as President of the Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, President of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology, and numerous other professional affiliations. Among his many inventions including several patents in artificial intelligence, he developed an MR-compatible biopsy needle which is used worldwide today as the “Lufkin Needle.”

Robert studied computer science at Brown University and completed his medical degree at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.
He is currently Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology at the USC Keck School of Medicine with an academic focus on the applied science of longevity. He is also Chief of Metabolic Imaging at a large medical network in southern California.

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"Tapping helps you to release the subconscious blocks that are in the way of realizing your dreams."


Nancy Linneroth

Breakthrough Blocks

Unlocking Personal Power With Nancy’s Revolutionary Tapping Techniques

What you'll learn:

About Nancy Linneroth

Nancy Linnerooth brings extensive experience to her work releasing the underlying, subconscious blocks that hold small business owners back from having a truly successful business that they can be proud of.

When working with clients, she draws on nine years as a Harvard Law School-trained attorney, seventeen years as a therapist, and fourteen years as a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (or “Tapping”).

With straight talk and humor, Nancy helps her clients figure out and release what is causing their procrastination, avoidance, and self-sabotage.

Her clients have called her “a rock star” at getting them to do things like release their fear of public speaking, blast through their daily To Do lists, and rewrite their money stories.

They go from being ready to give up on themselves and their dreams to feeling fired up about the value they create for themselves and their clients.

With Nancy’s help, clients finally follow through on their dreams for their business and create the life they’ve always wanted.

All of which impresses her teenage daughter not one bit.

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